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A woman’s form has always been a good source of inspiration and admiration for many aspiring artists. Although it’s easy to capture the physical aspects of a woman, I find it difficult to show who the woman is; in my quest to capture this in a photograph, I have decided to start with how we relate to women.

“First Moments” is my attempt to capture the first few days, weeks or months of a person’s relationship with a woman; the coyness, the excitement, the desire, the learning and acceptance. These are the things that tend to dissipate over time as the excitement and novelty of something new has settled into a routine.

As I managed to replicate these moments into a photograph; I realized that we do not necessarily have to lose those moments. When we live in the present, it’s always there, waiting for us to recapture it.

- Richard Inonog

AW Collection

past moments


New York, NY 2018



New York, NY 2018


Boston, MA 2015



Chicago, IL 2014

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